Young intellectuals boldly take the lead, the new digital transformation is fast


The Global Vietnam Young Intellectuals Forum 2021 revolves around a very hot topic of digital transformation, when the pandemic is promoting faster digital transformation to meet the new needs of people, businesses and the Government. government.

"Digital transformation technologies have high use value and the life cycle tends to be shorter and shorter. Therefore, the examination and protection of inventions in this field should be further accelerated", Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dinh Ngoc Thanh, an apprentice professor at the Faculty of Information Technology, Soongsil University (Korea), contributed ideas at the forum.

"The process for foreign investment funds to invest in Vietnamese businesses is now very complicated. At a time when a start-up needs to go fast to survive, setting up a company elsewhere like Singapore will be much more convenient.

Therefore, the State needs to develop sensitive policies to support and promote technologies at an early stage to create breakthroughs, to build pilot/sandbox testing framework programs for technologies such as blockchain, fintech, UAV, etc. IoTs… Because when everything is clear, the opportunity is also less," he raised the issue.

At the same time, he suggested that there should be a unified national standard for digital transformation, to avoid each school, each locality, each ministry, and branch from understanding and implementing a wasteful pattern. For example, the management of databases, green cards, QR codes ... for Korea's COVID-19 epidemic from the beginning focused on only one application, which is the Kakao application that most people are familiar with before. .

At the forum, MSc Le Thi Lan Anh - director of the Vietnam Institute of Education and Intellectual Development - shared and discussed with the delegates about the online education project applying virtual reality technology.

"E-learning in Vietnam has many limitations, there is no complete management ecosystem, must use many other discrete software platforms to assign assignments, manage learning data. Each organization, Individuals use different software to assign assignments and upload videos, which leads to difficulties in general administration between schools, units, teachers, parents and learners", she raised the issue.

The online education project applying virtual reality technology will build a complete ecosystem for e-learning like a multidisciplinary university, easy to administer, applying modern technologies such as virtual reality (VR). ), ARM MR... can reach learners on a global scale.

Another topic of great interest is Building e-government presented by MSc Dao Van Han - Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City.

E-Government will be people-centered, providing online public services and will be measured by the quantity and convenience of online public services; electronic payment level; publicize online public service process; basic data on people and businesses; level of sharing, data interoperability…

One of the current difficulties, according to MSc Dao Van Han, is the situation of "sanding" of information and data, which is still common, leading to duplication and inconsistency; increased risks on network security, privacy...