The importance of unstructured data for businesses


Data has become the lifeblood of modern businesses, according to market analysts like Gartner, IDC.

When businesses all have excellent people, advanced technology and good products, what will make each business make a difference and make a breakthrough? Before this question, many leaders of large corporations in the world have identified it as data and how each business exploits that data.

According to John Roese, CTO of Dell Technologies, “For the first time in history, we not only have large volumes and diversity of data, but people are also inventing new and more economical ways of accessing data. data storage and processing.

There is a hierarchy in the data. The first is the data level - data, when everything is raw, unplanned and untapped. Next is information, when data is organized in the form of structures. Even higher is knowledge - knowledge, from finding insights from previous information. Finally, wisdom comes when we turn knowledge into predictions for the future, into understanding the past and into practical actions to achieve a certain goal.

"We are entering an era where information technology infrastructure, data volumes, and software algorithms come together to give people knowledge and wisdom in almost every industry. . I think these things are enough to prove that we are entering a new era - the data era", Mr. John Roese, added.

According to IDC, the total amount of data worldwide by 2025 could reach 175 Zettabytes (175 billion Terabytes). In fact, new technologies like 5G are the premise for many businesses to provide more advanced services to customers, in order to take advantage of the power of 5G networks. This has caused many new types of data to be generated and processed at the edge instead of in a centralized data center. According to Gartner predictions, by 2025 about 75% of data will be generated and processed outside of centralized data centers.

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The explosion of data in the world.

According to Gartner, this growth in data is driven by one group of data, "unstructured data," which currently accounts for 80 percent of all storage worldwide and is expected to grow. tripled by 2023. Structured data, which is a familiar group of data - data that usually resides in relational databases and can be queried via SQL statements (e.g. Oracle DB, IBM DB2, MS SQL). Unstructured data is all the rest of the data, like text files, emails, videos, photos, mobile data, social media data, sensor data, satellite images, etc. is a group of data that cannot be stored in rows and columns like structured data and cannot be mined using traditional data query techniques.

With 80% of all data today, unstructured data holds important business insights and insights that have not been fully exploited.

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Dell Technologies Unstructured Data Storage Solutions Suite.

According to many experts, structured data is very important, but unstructured data plays a key role in creating breakthroughs for businesses by providing a richness of information and knowledge that can not be found. Normal statistical results through structured data cannot be obtained. Therefore, businesses and organizations need to find methods to manage and analyze unstructured data to make important business decisions, as a basis for creating competitive advantages in the market.

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