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- Decision 336/2003/QD_ĐHMBC dated September 29, 2003 of the Rector of the Semi-Public Open University on the establishment of an Information System Management Center under the university.

- Decision 41/2016/QD_ĐHM dated January 13, 2016 of the Rector of Ho Chi Minh City Open University on the addition of functions, duties and personnel of the Information System Management Center.


- Center for Management of Information Systems (hereinafter referred to as Center for short) is a unit of Open University of Ho Chi Minh City; under the direct and comprehensive leadership and management of the Principal.

- The Center has the function of advising the Rector on the management of information systems; building, deploying, exploiting and operating software, website, system, network, equipment and information technology infrastructure in the management and training organization of the university.


- Based on the school's strategic development plan, develop an information technology application plan to serve the management, training and scientific research of the university. Responsible for implementing plans when approved by the Principal.

- Advise on the development and submission to the Rector for promulgation of regulations and regulations on the management and use of the school's internal network, Internet, Wifi and information technology application software; regulations on the transmission and posting of information on the website. Simultaneously, monitor and guide units and individuals under the school to implement those regulations and regulations.

- Implement technical management and coordinate with the Library to build and develop an electronic library to meet research and learning needs.

- Organize, build, operate, manage and maintain the school's internal network system to operate stably, safely and ensure security. Ensure that the entire school information system works well and smoothly.

- Technical management of components in the school's information system including: Website, Mail, Online Course Registration, E-Learning, Edusoft, Thunhap, Egov, CVHT,...

- Periodic training for staff and students (formal and non-formal) to use some important software and systems of the school (requires the approval of the Principal and is suitable with the resources of the center). heart).

- Build, manage, operate and develop online training support systems such as LMS, MOOC.

- Organize, build, manage, operate and maintain computer rooms in the University.

- Coordinating with units of the university to exploit and effectively use the school's information system.

- Research and order, develop software, website, information technology services to ensure the modernity of the school's information system. Responsible for repairing and maintaining software that operates stably and efficiently.

- Organizing scientific research activities and providing services in the fields of information technology, science and technology.

- Organize the procurement of information technology equipment of the school. Advise and supervise the procurement of management software, training software, and websites of units under the university to ensure the consistency and efficiency of the school's information system.

- Perform security work, periodically back up the school's database.

- Support administration, troubleshooting programs communicating with systems outside the school.

- Perform other duties assigned by the Principal.